Creating tomorrow with engineering

Maintenance of production facilities including those for semiconductors and carrier devices.
Based in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, we supply our services at home and overseas including the U.S., China, Taiwan and Korea.

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Product Services

We install and maintain semiconductor production facilities including silicon wafer washers and carrier robots to support stable operation of production sites.
We meet demands in overseas production factories as well.

Reuse Services

Engineering Business

Sale of Glass Bending Machine
It is possible to bend glass of various sizes and shapes by vacuum drawing and pressing machine not only the glass bending by its own weight.
Custom-made design is also possible according to the customer’s specifications. In addition, we provide various engineering services from hardware to software development, such as investigation and repair of parts / units for which production has been discontinued or manufacturer support has ended.

Technical Communication Services

Technical Communication Services

We create and translate various documents including instruction manuals of industrial machinery.
Our translation services are available in 30 languages.
We also create and translate video materials extensively.
We offer language lessons and interpretation services as well.

Field Services

Field Services

We provide after-sales services for control panels of buildings and office and shopping complexes and for home appliances and equipment.
For shopping complexes, we mainly modify and maintain control panels.
The transfer equipment for automobile manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries, we also provide maintenance service and after-sales service.